“The music you're about to hear is very, very, good. This album of wonderful improvised jazz infused with dub, ambient and electronic flourishes showcases a master at his craft. The trio sounds naturally relaxed leaving plenty of room for all the players to manoeuvre within the dark and hypnotic textures. The sound is raw, intimate and expansive, with warm organic grooves meeting electronic touches and dubby embellishments. This album is solid from start to finish.”


Music Is My Sanctuary: Senhora Vida ft Munir Hossn

"Senhora Vida is a joyous homage to Iemanja through the lens of Afro Brazilian culture."

Twisted Soul Music: Water & Fire ft Irini Arabatzi

“Delicate and subtle, Water and Fire yields tender and bold melodies, weaved together by a meandering groove and splashes of nostalgia. A fantastic culmination of sophisticated pop and soul. The dreamy soundscape of laid-back guitar, subtle percussion and twinkling electronics paired with Arabatzi delicate but confident vocal that holds the track together is the perfect combination.”